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Autobacs Brand

AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD, today's worldwide store support centre of AUTOBACS stores, was established in 1948 as a wholesaler and retailer of automotive parts. The core of our business is related to our business within worldwide. AUTOBACS represent the core of our business: Appeal, Unique, Tyres, Oil, Batteries, Accessories, Car audio, and Services.We operate franchises that provide for customers in need of car parts, car-related installations and replacements. Of course, we all provide car inspections and maintenance services.

Autobacs Network Worldwide

Autobacs has established a network of around 600 retail stores throughout Japan with an additional 46 retail stores around the world. Autobacs is actively seeking overseas business partner to expand and enter new markets.


High Performance Synthetic Oils. With over 45 years of retails experience in Japan domestic market , AUTOBACS has developed a range with highly-quality product at competitive prices. AUTOBACS has taken the next step to provide these products to the global markets.

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